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Kippenberger Walkway

Kippenberger Walkway

New Zealand on the Western Front 1916 – 1918


MGO8This small display acknowledges the New Zealand Division’s service on the Western Front during World War One. When the New Zealanders advanced at the Somme on 15 September 1916, it was the beginning of a long hard bloody slog that would end on 11 November 1918. Causalities would number over 12,000 killed and over 40, 000 wounded.


The Maxim Machine Gun 1908

It is often said that the automatic machine gun was invented for maximum killing power. In fact the Maxim Machine Gun 1908 or MG08 for short was nicknamed the ‘Devil’s Paintbrush’ in reference to the way a paintbrush sweeps across a piece of timber and how the machine gun would sweep or rake across the battlefield in such a deadly way that it could only be the invention of the Devil. The machine gun made a major impact during World War One and was responsible for killing thousands of men on both sides of the trenches. They could fire between 500 to 700 rounds a minutes and exceeded the fire of 50 riflemen. Accurate even at night, one gun could stop two battalions, which is 1600 men, before they could advance 150 metres.