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Freyberg Gallery

Freyberg Gallery

The Final Push:

The New Zealand Division on the Western Front 1918


1993.1031 H981 NZRB at Bapaume. National Army Museum Te Mata Moa.


This exhibition focuses on the New Zealand Division heading back into the fray and taking part in a counter-punch to the massive German offensive launched by the German Army in March 1918. As with Passchendaele, many New Zealanders have been unaware of the courage shown by the Kiwis in 1918 and on the 100th anniversary of this ‘final push’ we hope we can help raise the awareness of the part New Zealand played in these battles.

This story will unfold through an overview of the key battles (Mailly-Maillet, Albert, Grevillers and Bapaume), the American introduction into the war, some personal experiences and small iconic artefacts. It will also provide information on the change of tactics from static (trench) warfare to a more mobile war including the introduction of the German storm troops or Sturmabteilungen.


1993.1031 H959 NZRB sheltering. National Army Museum. Te Mata Moa.


The exhibition will be on display in the Freyberg Gallery until the end of August 2018.