He Hōia Ahau: I Am Soldier

He Hōia Ahau captures, through the eyes of civilian photographer Craig Andrew Madsen, the journey of our military’s recruits.

For close to 175 years, and from evert corner of our country, communities and families have gifted their sons and daughters to Ngati Tumatauenga – The New Zealand Army. 

For many, the first step off the bus at Waiouru Military Camp represents a journey that was started generations ago with parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, having started the tradition of service in their families. 

For some, this is a step into the unknown, but for all, there will be incredible challenges and immense reward as they transition from the life they knew as a civilian in to that of a member of the New Zealand Army.

This exhibition showcases the profound changes each of our recruits and officer cadets go through during their firsts weeks and months at Waiouru Military Camp.

The environment is unique – both spectacular and challenging, as the newest members of the New Zealand Army test their mental and physical strength, resilience, and resolve under the shadow of Mount Ruapehu.

It is this training that builds the character required to be a member of New Zealand’s Army.