And When He Was Called - He Went

An exhibition by artist Elwyn Stone inspired by her late father’s war service in the Pacific.

The exhibition includes both painted artworks and art installations. In Elwyn’s words “I was inspired to depict, in part, a soldier’s story from a soldier’s perspective. My collection is unique in that, rather than focusing on specific battles and actions, it aims to depict in a conceptual sense, multi-layered, juxtaposed images, evolved from remnants of a personal war story; landing on the beaches, in the trenches, on the battlefields, the sad telegrams to families, of women and children of war, and remembrance of the war horses – among the portrayal.”

The exhibition also includes the installation centrepiece and an opportunity for reflection titled – Tears for Our Fallen – 100 Tears 100 Years with 100 teardrops each with a poppy cascading from a wooden cross wrapped in barbed wire.