National Army Museum, Waiouru, New Zealand : Military History & Army War Museum

Visitor Comments

Visitor Comments

“The quality of displays is fabulous. Layout is also very good, very impressed, wish I had come sooner!” – K.B.E, Fielding

“The Boer War display is the best that I have seen, including South Africa and the U.K. “ – UK visitor

“Loved the stuffed horse, I want a statue just like it! “ – Auckland visitor

“This is a magnificent tribute to the NZ Defence Forces.” – K & S. M, Western Australia

“The whole thing has been brilliantly done and is a great tribute to all who have served this country and those who waited at home for them to return, or not.” – G.M. Hamilton

“The nurse part in the downstairs is very overwhelming. I didn’t really enjoy walking through the tent since it was almost too real.” – L.D. Auckland

“I appreciated being able to write on a cross for my great-grandparents and being able to place it under the Greenstone Wall.” – A.M.  Napier