Today in History: 2NZ Division captures Ruwiesat Ridge

Today in History – 15 July 1942: 2nd New Zealand Division captures Ruwiesat Ridge after a successful night attack, only to be forced back at dusk.
By dawn on 15 July 1942, 2nd New Zealand Division, having advanced nearly 10kms overnight, held Ruwiesat Ridge. Despite their best efforts, and due to a lack of artillery and armour support, they were forced back from Ruwiesat Ridge at dusk.
The cost for the kiwis was high: 1405 casualties, of whom all but 290 were either killed or captured. Captain Charles Upham, who was badly wounded and captured as a Prisoner of War, won his second VC, and Sergeant Keith Elliott won his Victoria Cross, for their actions during the battle at Ruwiesat Ridge.
We are very proud that here at the National Army Museum Te Mata Toa we have both Charles Upham’s and Keith Elliott’s medals on display in our Valour Alcove of the Medal Repository
Learn more about Charles Upham, New Zealand’s Greatest War Hero, including the events that led to his second Victoria Cross at Ruwiesat Ridge.