This is a past event from April 2021.

Exclusive Film Screening – Wednesday 21st April@ The Mess Tent, National Army Museum, Waiouru.

Soldiers Without Guns is the untold story of the world’s most dangerous military mission that was led by New Zealand’s own unarmed soldiers using guitars instead of guns.

Event includes a 3 course meal at The Mess Tent, a talk with the film Director Will Watson, followed by the film screening.
 $75 per person. Dress: Black tie/Mess kit. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at the Museum’s Quartermaster Store or by phoning 06 3876911.




Synopsis A David and Goliath story of a Pacific Island people rising up against the largest mining corporation in the world. 10 years of war saw 14 failed peace agreements. In 1997 the NZ Army stepped into the conflict with a radical new plan.

Instead of taking guns into the war-zone, unarmed soldiers took guitars and culture. This idea was condemned by the national and international media – no-one thought it could work. We follow the riveting journey of the peacekeepers as they endeavoured to use Music, Maori culture and Aroha to end the worst civil war in the Pacific’s history.

This film creates a new hope for creating peace in our time. It shines a light on the untold story of unsung heroes of the New Zealand Defence Force.

A story all New Zealanders can be proud of.

Rating: M

Runtime: 95 mins