“From the Uttermost Ends of the Earth” – $80

By: John H Gray

This comprehensive military history can be said to be unique, as it also incorporates a detailed logistical guide to the battlefields – of great value to those planning a visit to where their fore-fathers fought, and a description of the contemporary “Western Front”. This book is in the form of a 12 day pilgrimage diary. 135 wartime and contemporary illustrations and 41 maps enhance a moving narative.

Bloody Gallipoli NZSAS First Among Equals DVD – $35

An exclusive documentary series looking inside the New Zealand Special Air Service.

1st Battalion1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment 1957-2007: From South East Asia to Afghanistan the First Fifty Years – $70

“A collector’s item – 50th anniversary volume. This is their story, their successes and achievements, and their losses, – all 87 of NZ’s finest. May they rest in peace. A great book.” (Col (Rtd) Ray Seymour)

New Zealand Army Personal EquipmentNew Zealand Army Personal Equipment – $158

By Barry and Matthew O’Sullivan

For the first time NZ has a book devoted solely to the military equipment used during the period 1910 to 1945. This specialised book focuses on its detailed photographs and historical explanation of each item. Useful for genealogists, collectors and those studying military history.

KippenbergerKippenberger: An inspired New Zealand Commander – $36

By Glyn Harper

One of NZ’s great military commanders of WWII, a stirring account of Kippenberger’s military life and times.

Mark of the LionMark of the Lion by Kenneth Sandford – $31

Paperback edition. A war classic, the story of Capt Charles Upham, VC and Bar. This book tells of Upham’s legendary exploits, his acumen as a soldier and the classic understated mannerisms that have forever endeared him to all NZers.

In the Face of the EnemyIn the Face of the Enemy – $28

By Glyn Harper and Colin Richardson

Tells the story of each NZ Victoria Cross winner from the NZ Wars to WWII. The events, politics and philosophies of this exclusive award are examined by two leading military historians – each story powerful and unique, with compelling accounts of the battles that made our nation and forged our history.


Children and Young People

Mud Beneath My BootsMud Beneath My Boots: A poignant Memoir of the Effects of War on a Young New Zealander – $26

By Allan Marriott

A story of a young New Zealander in the trenches from two perspectives – the raw, vulnerable boy and the seasoned many – providing a unique insight into one of the blackest periods of our recent history.

The Gallipoli StoryThe Gallipoli Story – $22

By Patrick Carlyon

Takes Young people on an unforgettable and tough journey deep into the heartland of war.

Under FireUnder Fire: Children of the Second World War – $28 hard cover

An eye opening account of what life was like from the eyes of the children who lived through it. Available in both hard and soft copy.

Anne FrankAnne Frank – $14

By Susanna Davidson

From the Usborne Young Reading Series, the story of 13 year old Anne Frank who together with her family went into hiding for over 2 years to escape from the Nazis.

Soldier in Yellow SocksSoldier in Yellow Socks – $20

By Janice Marriot

The children’s version of the story of New Zealand’s most famous soldier, Charles Upham, VC and Bar.

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Prints and Posters

Limited Edition Prints

Note all prints are unframed unless specified otherwise.

Return of the Unknown Warrior

Celebrate the Return of NZ’s Unknown Warrior with an exclusive signed and numbered limited edition print from the NZ Army artist, Matt Gauldie.

Each print costs $50 each + P & P, or $300 + P&P for a full set.

Return of the Unknown WarriorReturn of the Unknown WarriorReturn of the Unknown WarriorReturn of the Unknown WarriorReturn of the Unknown WarriorReturn of the Unknown WarriorReturn of the Unknown Warrior

Footsteps Limited Edition Collectors Print

$120 plus P&P

Celebrate the contribution made by New Zealand Troops to East Timor with this exclusive Limited Edition Collectors Print. Each print is one of 400 individually signed and numbered reproductions of the original painting by Graham Braddock.

‘Footsteps’ is the sequel to ‘Waiting’ also by Graham Braddock.

(Note – Print unframed. Size 637 482mm)


Footsteps Limited Edition Collectors Print

Sua Tela Tonanti: To the Warrior His Arms

by Graham Braddock $30.00

Sua Tela Tonanti: To the Warrior His Arms

16th Field Regiment: Moor Gun

by Jeanette Blackburn $65.00 (Currently out of stock – please enquire)

16th Field Regiment: Moor Gun


Military Merchandise

Military Plaques, Pocket Badges, and other military insignia

These include unit, parts of units, corps, schools, army associations and Army Museum specific insignia.

Military PlaquesPocket BadgesPocket BadgesPocket BadgesPocket BadgesPocket Badges

Waiting Jigsaw & Postcards

Waiting Jigsaw

Collectors Figurines

From $32.00

High quality, hand painted soldiers sold individually Land Wars 1845-48, Armed Constabulary 1860-72, Maori Warriors, Gallipoli, Colour Party, WWII.

Collectors Figurines

Minature medals



The Museum has a range of stock to fit all ages from fleeces, caps, t. shirts, hats and socks, to high quality merino/possum knitwear.

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NZ Giftware

The Museum has an excellent range of gift items, jewellery, Military DVDs and CDs, NZ souvenirs and toys for the kids. New stock arriving all the time.


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