Sinai Soldiers | by Dave Hayward


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Published: Dec 26 2020

In February 1916, the 9th Reinforcement Draft for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force arrives in Egypt. After the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, they are sorely needed. Cousins Mark Barr and Sam Hanson join the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment. They find that their Troop Sergeant is their uncle. A veteran of the Boer War and Gallipoli, Big-Johnny Barr takes his nephews under his wing. But all is not blood and horror – even in war, there is time for romance. Mark is wounded and, while recuperating in Cairo, meets a friend from schooldays, VAD Molly McPherson. In a Jewish village in Palestine, Sam meets Rachel Almon. The war grinds on, casualties mount. In September 1918, after enduring a horrendous summer in the Jordan Valley, the British launch a major attack. The Turk armies retreat, Jerusalem, the Holy City, is liberated and it seems the end is at last in sight. Or is it?

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