Point of the Spear: A Novel of the Malayan Emergency | by Dave Hayward


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Published: Oct 9 2017

“An Infantry corporal, my dear, is at the point of the spear. He commands eight rifles and a light machinegun. He is the first commander to face the enemy. He is often the commander on whom the battle depends. He is young and strong. He is a warrior.” Five years after World War II beautiful and exotic Malaya is torn by rebellion. Corporal John Barr and his men are at the point of the spear as they search for the battle-hardened and elusive communist terrorist forces led by the ruthless Major Goh Chu. Gruelling patrols deep into the jungle-covered mountains of a dangerous land force them to depend on each other for their very lives. Called upon to protect local British residents, John Barr encounters the beautiful, headstrong daughter of a plantation owner. Despite the differences in their backgrounds, romance blossoms. Against the authentic background of a country at war strong men clash and love overcomes all odds.

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