Aku Paki Matariki: My Matariki Stories


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Includes: The Seven Kites of Matariki, The Stolen Stars of Matariki & Flit the Fantail and the Matariki Map.

The Seven Kites of Matariki: Seven sisters make kites to celebrate the Māori new year. But when they take the finished kites to fly them, the east wind whips them all away into the sky … where they now appear as the stars of Matariki.

Flit the Fantail: Join Flit the fantail and his forest friends on a night time adventure, this time to capture a star shining brightly on the horizon. It is one of a cluster of nine stars and Flit is determined to explore! But when he gets lost, wise Ruru swoops down and Flit learns about Matariki stars and navigation.

Stolen Stars: Sam and Te Rerehua are visiting their Grandma and Poua at Birdling’s Flat. One night, Grandma notices something mysterious. Someone has stolen some stars from the sky. And then the patupaiarehe come out to play on the beach … are those stars they’re playing with?

Six books included, in both English and Maori.


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