Kūpapa – The bitter legacy of Māori alliances with the Crown


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Author – Ron Crosby

Published by Penguin

Signed by the author

520 pages

When the noun ‘kūpapa’ first came into common Māori and English usage during the wars of the 1860s, it was used in reference to Māori who were either neutral or ‘friendly’ or ‘loyal’ to the Crown.

Purpose – The aim of this book is to record in detail the roles and actions of the iwi and hapū who aligned themselves with the Crown in particular circumstances.  While they are most often referred to as kūpapa, and sometimes described as nga iwi piro pono, this book argues that in reality they are best described as being ‘aligned’ or ‘allied’ with the Crown or settler Government in particular circumstances where they perceived that their own interests of protecting their tino rangatiratanga under the Treaty coincided with the Crown’s position.  Those circumstances varied constantly over time in differing locations and situations.


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