New Exhibition Opens!

Our newest exhibition “Auschwitz. Now.” has officially opened at the National Army Museum, with photographer Perry Trotter and historian Dr Sheree Trotter both at the Opening Ceremony. This audio visual showcase presents a haunting reflection on the atrocities of the Holocaust, and is the latest exhibition from the Holocaust and Antisemitism Foundation, Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Although this exhibition reflects on a historical event, there is no historical imagery. Instead, it consists of portraits of Holocaust survivors alongside poignant short video clips of the survivors sharing their stories. These are accompanied by photographs of Auschwitz as it is today. The survivor stories shown are not limited to those who experienced Auschwitz, but also from people who survived the Holocaust elsewhere.

Museum Director Cherie Meecham says, “We hope by hosting this exhibition the National Army Museum can empower the public to acknowledge the loss of the victims, celebrate those who helped save them, honour those who survived, and help us all as individuals to contemplate our moral obligations when confronted with prejudice, injustice and hatred.”

Auschwitz. Now.” was produced by the creators of The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition, a multidisciplinary exhibition launched in 2013. It incorporates many of the stories that made Shadows of Shoah so successful, along with more recent stories captured in NZ, Australia, Israel and USA.

Opening Ceremony – 12 September 2023