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Thames Gifted a Piece of Military History

WWII 25-Pounder Field Gun Gifted To Thames Community

The 25-pounder was legendary during World War II, considered as possibly the best field gun of the war.

Ordnance QF 25-Pounder Field GunThe National Army Museum has recently gifted the community of Thames a 25-pounder artillery piece which sits outside the memorial hall and civic centre and has been carefully maintained by local veterans of the Korean War. What better timing than with another ANZAC Day upon us and the growing interest in understanding our national identity through our military history.

This Ordnance Quick Firing 25-pounder, originally on long term loan to the Thames RSA before it closed down, became the standard field gun for all of the British and Commonwealth Forces during World War II, and was later used by the Kiwis in Korea.

Aptly named because its shell weighed 25 pounds, the 25-pounder was rugged, dependable and capable of firing five shots a minute. The gun even equipped entire German units with weapons captured in the desert fighting.

Towed by the Quad gun tractor with a limber (trailer) of ammunition, the 25-pounder could be put into action in minutes by a well trained crew.

Calibre 87.6mm
Range 12,250 metres
Weight 1800kg
Ammunition High Explosive, Armour Piercing, Smoke
Crew Six

To make this happen, the National Army Museum would like to thank Bruce Harper, Debra Bromley and David Hammond from the Thames Coromandel District Council.

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