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Lone Pine Trees for Waiouru

Lt Col Barker planting the Lone Pine seedling at the Museum

Lt Col Barker, Chief of Staff TRADOC, planting the Lone Pine seedling at the Museum

A very special tree was planted at the National Army Museum in a small ceremony on the 5th May 100 years since the New Zealand Infantry Brigade were shipped to Cape Helles south of the Gallipoli landing site in preparation for the Second Battle of the Krithia, later known as the battle for the Daisy Patch.

The tree is a descendant of the Gallipoli Peninsula’s Lone Pine and was gifted to the Museum by Scion, the crown institute for forestry.

The seeds were raised in the Scion research nursery having been collected in 2012 from the Turkish red pine growing at Paeroa Golf course. They have been authenticated as descendants of the original Lone Pine, traced back to a pine cone brought home by an Australian soldier Sergeant Keith McDowell after World War I.

The Museum sincerely thanks Scion for allowing us to be part of their project and would also like to make special mention of Paul Wright from Edgemaster in Auckland who kindly donated a range of his tree protection products to ensure the Lone Pines have the best chance in Waiouru’s climate.

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