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Canadian Internship Assists Collection Management

Canadian Internship Assists Collection Management

The National Army Museum welcomes its latest Canadian intern Kendrie Richardson who has just begun a six month internship working on the museum’s priceless collection.

Kendrie is the museum’s 9th intern from the “Young Canada Works at Building Careers in Heritage” internship programme and she begins her time in Waiouru working on a project with World War II Prisoner of War identity tags.

Kendrie brings considerable expertise to the Army Museum after completing a Collections and Conservation Management qualification which finished with a conservation internship at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, New Brunswick. Kendrie has also worked at the Halton Region Museum as a Collections and Registration Assistant and as a Conservation Technician at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario.

Kendire’s first two weeks at the National Army Museum have been spent working in the Heraldry collection, updating the records of the POW ID tags on the Vernon database to make it easier to search for these artefacts. This project also included condition reporting each artefact and rehousing the individual items in appropriate museum storage.

Kendrie arrived in Waiouru to a light dusting of snow and proceeded to tell the staff this was nothing and that she was used to digging herself out back home. Kendrie said she is looking forward to practising the full spectrum of collection management while at the museum and noticed museums in New Zealand have similar issues to those in Canada in terms of limited resources and budgets.

The Canadian Museum Association has a number of programs in the arts and heritage field and one of the programs in Building Careers in Heritage which offers internships across Canada and abroad to recent graduates. The program is designed to allow the intern to gain work experience in their desired field and Kendrie’s placement at the National Army Museum is one of the two international placements offered in 2011-2012.