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Valentine Mark V Tank

Valentine Mark V Tank


The first Valentines in New Zealand were equipped with a 2 pounder (37mm) gun which could only fire armour piercing rounds. Because the New Zealand Army wanted a close support tank to fight with infantry, eighteen of New Zealand’s 255 Valentines were converted to carry a 3 inch howitzer which could fire high explosive shells.

Of the 255 Valentine tanks, 100 were Mark II, 74 were Mark III and 81 were Mark V. There were also 11 Valentine bridge layers in service.

New Zealand’s tank squadron, equipped with 19 Valentines, fought in the Pacific with the 3rd Division. When the 3rd Division was disbanded in 1944, the tanks were returned to New Zealand and served with the School of Armour and home based armoured units until the Valentine was withdrawn from service in 1960.

Crew: Three
Engine: GM 6-71S 6 cylinder diesel producing 130 hp at 1850 rpm
Weight: 17,237 kg
Armament: 2 pounder anti-tank gun