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M41 Walker Bulldog

M41 Walker Bulldog


Developed in the USA in 1950 as the Little Bulldog, the M41 Light Tank first saw action in the Korean War. The M41A1 Walker Bulldog first entered service with the New Zealand Army in 1960, where it replaced the World War II vintage Stuart and Valentine tanks. During the 1970’s and early 1980’s the Walker Bulldog was the New Zealand Army’s only tank and they were used in training exercises all over New Zealand. The Walker Bulldog was replaced in the mid 1980’s by the British Scorpion tracked reconnaissance vehicle.


Crew: Four
Engine: Powered by a Continental 14.7 litre supercharged 500 horsepower horizontally opposed six cylinder engine.
Weight: 24 tonnes
Speed: 72 km/hour

The main gun fires a 76mm high velocity tank round.

Browning .50 inch machine gun

Browning .30 inch machine gun

This vehicle is currently being restored by volunteers.