Aitua – The Tangiwai Disaster

  • Terms 1-4
  • By negotiation
  • National Army Museum and Tangiwai Disaster Site
  • 120 minutes
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This programme is for the following year groups: Year 4-6 , Year 7-8, Year 9-10, Year 11-13.

The Aitua – The Tangiwai Disaster education programme asks these questions: ‘What is a lahar? What happens to the local environment when a volcano is active? How does a community react to a disaster?’

After a guided visit to the historic memorial site of the Tangiwai disaster, head to our Museum and:

  • Learn how the New Zealand Army responded in 1953 and how this is different to our modern response to natural disasters,
  • See the medal awarded to Cyril Elis after the disaster,
  • Use our model of the disaster site to understand more, 
  • Read a ‘historic’ newspaper showing the media coverage of the event, and a pamphlet about ERLAWS (the Eastern Ruapehu Early Warning System).

Programme resources: