The Kippenberger Research Library has an extensive collection that specialises in military history, with an emphasis on New Zealand. This unique institution possesses some remarkable collections that are available to the public for research and study. The impressive General Collection contains both historical and contemporary resources which include official histories, unit histories, biographies, campaign studies, weapons and medals.

Military History Collections

As well as General Reference Collections, the Kippenberger Library has several special collections including:

  • The Kippenberger Collection
  • Ion Mackay Collection
  • Official War Histories
  • Quick Reference
  • Royal NZ Artillery Collection
  • Children and Youth War Literature Collection
  • Rare Book Collection

Other material available in the library includes:

  • Nominal and Embarkation Rolls (Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Bosnia and East Timor)
  • Rolls of Honour (Boer War through to East Timor)
  • Names of troopships and their departure dates
  • New Zealand Army Lists

Click here to view our collection online.

Military History Research Charges

Access to the Kippenberger Library is free. Fees are charged for research carried out by staff and photocopying services.

  • Photocopying: $0.50 per A4 page; $1.00 per A3 page
  • Staff-assisted research: if you require staff to conduct research on your behalf, a fee of $20.00 per half hour will be charged
  • Research fee: a $5.00 fee is charged for assistance in completing applications for requesting service personnel files

If you would like further explanation of our research charges or wish to make an enquiry, please contact National Army Museum.

Kippenberger Library Hours

The Kippenberger Research Library is open 5 days a week:

Examine New Zealand’s military history at the Army Museum’s excellent Kippenberger Research Library.