Christmas Box, Australian, WWI

A beautifully decorated wooden box produced by the Australian Red Cross for Christmas 1917, WWI.

The rectangular box has a lid, which was originally hinged along the back edge, with a paper label printed ‘Christmas Greetings from the Australian Red Cross 1917’. The underside of the lid has a label which lists the societies the gift is from. The front side facing has a paper label with the Australian flag and the Union Jack, while the sides have labels bearing laurel wreaths.  The box is nailed together.

The Australian Red Cross sent around 395,600 food parcels and 36,300 clothing parcels abroad during WWI. The packages could contain anything from cheese, tea, sugar, corned beef, salmon or biscuits, to scarves, socks, pyjamas, blankets and jumpers. This service was facilitated through the time, labour and money contributed by thousands of Australian countrywomen and men.

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