Happy Birthday to the Royal New Zealand Chaplains Department!

We would like to wish a happy birthday to the Royal New Zealand Chaplains Department!
A chaplain, although religious and whose primary role is to provide ministry to NZDF personnel and their families, are known as a friend and advisor to all.
A chaplain is an integral part of the NZDF and serve wherever NZDF personnel serve. It sees them conduct religious services and ceremonies, give spiritual, religious, and moral advice, provide pastoral care, counselling, and welfare support to all personnel and their families (regardless of faith), assist in times of crisis or emergency, support families during deployments and with post-deployment reintegration, and assist with life-skills education.
Being a chaplain within the NZDF is a very unique ministry with its own challenges, needing to balance the needs, expectations, and requirements of the NZDF as well as of their Church. However, a chaplain often brings something special in situations when there is often little hope, and are respected, trusted, and appreciated by all.

So, from all of us here at the National Army Museum Te Mata Toa, happy birthday to the men and women (past and present) of the Royal New Zealand Chaplains Department who bring hope and compassion to all who serve alongside them.

Pictured, is Padre Lionel Smith (CHAPCL3) standing in front of our Chaplains display on Armistice Day 2023.