Happy Cambrai Day to the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps!

We would like to wish a happy Cambrai Day to the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps!

The New Zealand Armoured Corps was formed in 1942 and received the ‘Royal’ prefix in 1947. It holds one of the highest ranks of seniority of corps within the New Zealand Army and is steeped in tradition and valour.
Corps Day for the Armoured Corps commemorates the Battle of Cambrai in 1917. Although fought 25 years before the formation of our own Armoured Corps, the Battle of Cambrai is significant in armoured history. It was the first-time tanks were employed in large numbers in a battle, breaking the deadlock of trench warfare and breaching what was considered the impregnable Hindenburg line.
Nowadays, the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps utilises Light Armoured Vehicles, adapting as the New Zealand Army evolved from warfighting to peacekeeping. Want to see the armoured vehicles and tanks of the past? Stop by the Museum and learn about our vehicles on display. Travelling through Waiouru? Keep your eyes peeled for NZLAVs rolling along SH1 – there’s a reason we have ‘tank crossing’ magnets at our gift shop!
The National Army Museum Te Mata Toa wants to wish all service men and women within the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps (past and present) a happy Corps Day; thank you for your service.
“Through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond” – Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps motto.