Voices from the Past

Bravery at Gallipoli

Sergeant Harry Barlow was presented with this pocket watch in recognition of his bravery at Gallipoli which saw him awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM).

Harry Barlow, originally a Miner from the South Island, enlisted with the Canterbury Infantry Battalion on 17 August 1914. He left for Egypt on 15 October 1914 and saw service at Gallipoli where he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) for gallantry at Quinn’s Post on 21/22 June 1915.

He was later wounded at Chunuk Bair on 8 August 1915, which would eventually see him discharged from the Army on 16 March 1916. The pocket watch was presented to Barlow on 13 October 1915 by the ‘United Methodist School and Friends’ in the district of Black Moss, as recognition of his bravery at Gallipoli.

Pocket watches were a common item carried by New Zealand and Australian soldiers as they headed to WWI. Some were gifts from the place of work, a family memento, or a commemoration piece, if unfortunately, the soldier did not return home.