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Romantic Relics from the Collection

Romantic Relics from the Collection

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day this year we are showcasing some of the more romantic relics held within the National Army Museum Te Mata Toa’s extensive military collection. Made of materials such as gold, enamel, mother of pearl or brass, Sweetheart Brooches were a keepsake gifted to loved ones during World War One and Two. Given by soldiers to mothers, sisters, daughters, wives or girlfriends, these brooches came in a varied range of designs. They could be miniature versions of a soldier’s unit badge or mass-produced “Battlefield” souvenir brooches. They could also be items of ‘ Trench Art’, made by the soldier from material souvenired from the battlefield. In the Pacific, during World War Two, Perspex from the broken windscreens of aircraft was popular along with tortoiseshell and coconut shell. Brass uniforms badges and buttons were also transformed into gifts to be send home to loved ones. The more entrepreneurial would make brooches and other items that could be sold to fellow soldiers.

Below is a selection of Sweetheart Brooches sourced from our Heraldry Collection, some of which are on display in the Museum’s Medal Repository.

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sweetheart-brooches sweetheart-brooches-3

WWI Somme battle souvenir sweetheart brooch. 

Belonged to 10/930 WO2 Thomas William Cross who served with the Wellington Regiment during WWI, including at the Somme. Silvered Brass and Copper.

 WWI 18th Reinforcements badge sweetheart brooch.

Sterling silver and enamel.

sweetheart-brooches-2 sweetheart-brooches-1

WWI New Zealand Rifle Brigade sweetheart brooch.

Belonged to 23/775 Sgt Les Harris who served with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade in WWI.

WWII NZ Onward badge sweetheart brooch.

Carved from bone.

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