Upham Miniature

This artefact is a miniature figurine of Captain Charles Upham, VC & Bar. Captain Charles Hazlitt Upham is one of New Zealand’s greatest war heroes. He received the Victorian Cross twice during World War Two. You can read more about him here.

This miniature of Captain Upham was recently donated to the Museum. It stands 35mm tall and was designed by Paul Hicks of Warlord Games in England. Warlord Games create historical military miniatures and this one of Captain Upham is a giveaway with their latest Armies of Great Britain supplement.

Captain Upham is sculpted preparing to throw a grenade, his preferred weapon. Interestingly the figure is wearing a helmet. Although one of the most iconic images of Captain Upham shows him in a helmet, he was renowned for his dislike and refusal to wear them, reportedly because he could never find one to fit.

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