Sword & Scabbard

This artefact is a 1822 Pattern Cavalry sword & scabbard currently on display as part of the “Harnessed: New Zealand’s War Horses” exhibition. This sword & scabbard belonged to Colonel Thomas William Porter. Colonel Porter had a distinguished military career. He served in the New Zealand Wars, both in Imperial and Militia units; he served in the Anglo-Boer War (South Africa) and commanded the 7th and 9th New Zealand Contingents; and in May 1902, he took up command of the New Zealand Contingent that represented the New Zealand forces at the Coronation of King Edward VII. It was at this time, that the horse Major travelled with him and would eventually make its way back to New Zealand as the only horse to return home from the Anglo Boer War.

Colonel Porter held other important military and administrative positions leading up to and including WWI and died in Wellington on 12 November 1920.

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