POW Trench Art

This artefact is a piece of Trench Art made in a WWII Prisoner of War Camp. Trench Art refers to pieces of art made by soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians during times of conflict and often using war materials such as bullets or artillery shells. Prisoners of War (POWs) often made trench art as a way to fight boredom and in this case it appears as a gift for someone.

This piece of trench art is a spoon engraved by a South African POW in an Italian Camp for New Zealander Kennett Geenty, 24 Battalion, 2NZEF.

The names of Kennett’s four sisters are represented in the bowl of the spoon whilst the NZ Onward symbol and name of the POW Camp (PG 65, located at Gravina) are engraved on the reverse side.

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