WWII Ring With Photo

This artefact is a sterling silver signet ring. Many soldiers brought rings home as souvenirs or even made them themselves while overseas. What is special about this ring is the large, rounded, rectangular face with a photograph of a soldier in World War Two battledress uniform. Small grey gemstones are set on either side of the photo.

The ring is a small, portable image of a loved one that can be carried with the wearer permanently. A visual keepsake that never leaves the hand.

Although we do not know who this soldier is or much provenance about the ring full stop, the object caught my eye this week when I opened up the box it is stored in. To know who this World War Two soldier was, who the ring was made for and who, if anyone, wore it would be fantastic.

But, even if the object’s memories remain hidden the ring is still a visually striking memento and a personalised reminder of distance and loving support.

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