New Zealand Wars Sword

A Scottish officers’ sword which was presented to Maori Chief, Ropata Wahawaha by Queen Victoria during the New Zealand Wars. The sword was one of 6 presented to ‘loyal’ Maori chiefs in recognition of ‘service to the crown’ during the NZ Wars.

The sword was made by Wilkinson in England and is a Pattern 1865 Scottish Officers’ Basket Hilted Sword with Dress Scabbard and shoulder slung red/brown leather sword belt. The blade is engraved on one side with ‘Given by Queen Victoria To Ropata Wahawaha For His Unfailing Loyalty and Valour’ and on the other side with ‘(He Mea Hoatu) Na Wikitoria Na Te Kuini O Incaranui Ki Te Tangata Toa Ki A Ropata Wahawaha Moana Manawanui Ki Te Piri Tonu Ki Te Taha Kuini’.