About Us

We are a New Zealand museum that showcases our nation’s military history – telling the stories of Kiwi soldiers and exploring our participation in major conflicts worldwide.

The National Army Museum Te Mata Toa is a Registered Charitable Trust governed by a Trust Board. Most civilian staff are employed by Defence (Army), with the exception of the commercial activities.

Our mission

To engage New Zealanders with our soldiers stories, history and the development of our Army. To show how these have shaped our identity as a country and our place in the world, thereby helping create a nation which understands and values its military.

Latest news

SAS – 65 years of our elite

Who Dares Wins The Challenge Begins… ‘Special’ or ‘Elite’ Forces always conjure up an air of intrigue and mystery combined with an effective ruthlessness that usually results in ‘getting the job done’. The ‘elite’ element of the New Zealand Armed Forces, the New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS) were officially formed on 1 May 1955 […]

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Origins of acronym ANZAC

ANZAC is the acronym for Australia New Zealand Army Corps created in December 1914 when the Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force were stationed together in Egypt under the command of Lieutenant-General William Birchwood. It likely began as a reference to the corps on a rubber stamp and later was taken on […]

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Women of Empire Exhibition Opens

Not all of our Anzac wartime heroes were men in khaki. The role women played in the Great War is the theme of the Museum’s latest exhibition which was recently opened in time for Christmas.

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