Our 45th Birthday: Where We Started

It’s our birthday this weekend! 

To kick off our birthday celebrations, we are starting with where it all began: Operation Heritage and the sketches and drawings by the late Sir Miles Warren from 1977, unveiled during the fundraising for the museum build.
The then Chief of General Staff Major General Hassett CBE launched a fundraising campaign to bring to life the NZ Army’s vision of a national memorial museum, that would acquire, preserve, and display aspects of New Zealand’s military history, and serve as a research and teaching facility.
The promise was made that no taxpayers money would be used for the build, so sourcing the $700,000 to build the museum would be solely through donations, appeals, soldier fundraising, and grants. Designed by architect Sir Miles Warren (1929-2022) the conceptual drawings envisioned an imposing, castle-like structure that loomed dramatically out of the tussock and was ‘guarded’ by restored tanks and guns.
Follow on tomorrow for photos of the build-progression of our Museum through its various stages.