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Freyberg Gallery

Never A Week Goes By

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Never A Week Goes By is a touring exhibition created through collaboration between the South Otago Museum in New Zealand and the heritage association In Memoriam in New Caledonia. The exhibition compares the impact of the Great War on two Pacific colonies, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

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Kanak Infantrymen of the Great War (G. Viale collection)

The lives of five Balclutha men and their families are reflected in text and images examining the themes of Hope, Valour and Grief that are depicted on the monument erected by the South Otago community of Balclutha in 1923.

The changes in the lives of these soldiers and their families from this rural New Zealand community are then compared with related impact on the population of our nearest regional neighbour New Caledonia.

The international research and significant image collection presented in this side of the work depict the background of the French colony and the reaction of both the French citizens and the Kanak population to the threat to France in 1914. The lives of both the soldiers of European descent and the Kanak Infantry are also examined in great detail.

The timelines, thematic text and images are complemented with extensive touch screen content and innovative interactive components.