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Remember the legends, pay tribute to the sacrifices. Stories of courage, comradeship and honour. Experience through the soldiers eyes, New Zealand’s military involvement in conflict from the Land Wars to the more recent peacekeeping missions in the 21st century.

National Army Museum is the largest New Zealand military museum with a unique collection of military exhibits and memorabilia.

Latest Exhibitions

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Gallipoli: Ripping Yarns from the Peninsula

Gallipoli 3 lr 300x187 Latest Exhibitions

During tomes of war and in this case, World War One, there are so many examples of bravery, unselfishness, and sacrificing one’s life for a perceived noble cause. It is extremely difficult to narrow those stories to just a few but for this exhinbition that is what we have had to do – twenty stories; ordinary people (and a dog) doing extraordinary things.

This exhibition will open in the Hassett Gallery in April 2015.


Elwyn Stone: Solo exhibition

“And When He Was Called – He Went”

From the artist:

“Returned Serviceman – Gunner 270307 – home from “his courageous turn of duty” with NZ Div Armed Forces, my later father leaves evidence of service… 5 War Medals on army ribbon… and our freedom.

Wars may be over but there are things which can never be restored, and there is the loss of generations’ youth. From the struggle of our grandfathers – and so many layers of untold stories – these soldiers did not really tell us about war, or reveal how charred battle grounds changed lives forever.”

This exhibition, featuring “100 tears for 100 years” will open in the Thornton Gallery ON 27th March 2015.

Never A Week Goes By

A new exhibition comparing the impact of the Great War on the two Pacific colonies of New Zealand and New Caledonia.

The exhibition runs until July 2015 in the Freyberg Gallery.


Examine New Zealand’s military history through the unique exhibits at the National Army Museum.