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Remember the legends, pay tribute to the sacrifices. Stories of courage, comradeship and honour. Experience through the soldiers eyes, New Zealand’s military involvement in conflict from the Land Wars to the more recent peacekeeping missions in the 21st century.

National Army Museum is the largest New Zealand military museum with a unique collection of military exhibits and memorabilia.

Latest Exhibitions

Samoa: A Great and Urgent Imperial Service

2007.552 Guard at Vaea Camp resizedweb 300x200 Latest Exhibitions

Guard at Vaea Camp (NAM 2007.552)


This exhibition begins our exhibition programme commemorating the centenary of World War One, with New Zealand being asked to take German occupied Samoa just days after the declaration of war.

This exhibition focuses on New Zealand’s support of the Empire and entry into World War I.

Britain wanted the threat of a German wireless station in the hills above Apia neutralised, as its radio transmitter was capable of sending long-range Morse signals to Berlin as well as Germany’s large naval fleet of over 90 warships. New Zealand answers the call with a force of nearly 1400 soldiers.

The exhibition tells the largely unheralded story of New Zealand’s role in the occupation 100 years ago.

The exhibition runs until mid March 2015 in the Thornton Gallery.

Tracing the Footsteps from Trentham

Tells the universal story of every New Zealand soldier and their preparation for battle. This exhibition will provide an insight of what a soldier’s life in a New Zealand training camp would have been like and traces the footsteps of the many heroes of Gallipoli, France, Mesopotamia and Egypt who were all trained at Trentham. The exhibition opens in early November 2014 in the Freyberg Gallery and is part of the museum’s WWI centenary programme.

Tracing Footsteps from Trentham runs until mid March 2015 in the Freyberg Gallery.

Opening Anzac Day:

Gallipoli: Ripping Yarns from the Peninsula

Gallipoli 3 lr 300x187 Latest Exhibitions

During tomes of war and in this case, World War One, there are so many examples of bravery, unselfishness, and sacrificing one’s life for a perceived noble cause. It is extremely difficult to narrow those stories to just a few but for this exhinbition that is what we have had to do – twenty stories; ordinary people (and a dog) doing extraordinary things.

This exhibition will open in the Hassett Gallery in April 2015.


Examine New Zealand’s military history through the unique exhibits at the National Army Museum.